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       (Anna,age 6)


If you would like to find out more about private lessons, please contact me via email for more information such as rates or to set up a trial lesson.               


 I accept all ages, from age 3 and up, also adult students at any level as well.  


  • My teaching stems from the schools of the Galamian and Delay traditional classical methods, as well as Suzuki too.  I mostly teach young children starting out with the Suzuki method, and as they progress, incorporate note reading, sight reading, and other repertoire based on each student and their own individual progress.
  •  I use games, songs, and movement  to give lessons for young players creative energy and fun as well as small goals to help their personal violin growth.  I am also comfortable working with adults, both beginners and those life long enthusiasts who want to come back to the instrument.


Suggested texts to find out more:

For parents:

   -Nurtured by Love, Ability Development from Age Zero, by Dr.  Schinichi Suzuki

  - Rarely Too Young and Never too Old to Twinkle by Kay Slone  

- Helping Parents Practice by Edmund Sprunger

-To Learn with Love, A Guide for Suzuki Parents by William Starr

-How to Get Your Child to Practice without Resorting to Violence...C. Richards


 For teachers:

-Teaching from the Balance Point by Ed Kreitman

The Inner Game of Music, The Inner Game of Tennis, by Barry Green, Tim Gallwey

Edly's Music Theory for Practical People, by Ed Roseman

Music Mind Games by Michiko Yurko



 For more advanced players and teachers:

  -Basics and Practice both by Simon Fischer

   -Violin Playing as I teach it by Leopold Auer

   -Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching by Ivan Galamian


Check out this website for more information on the Suzuki philosophy:




Evan, age 4

Check out the latest video from the Suzuki Organization, celebrating Dr. Suzuki's birthday, October 17, 2011:

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